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 [!] An Alternative Training Script For Safety Chat [!]

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[!] An Alternative Training Script For Safety Chat [!] Empty
PostSubject: [!] An Alternative Training Script For Safety Chat [!]   [!] An Alternative Training Script For Safety Chat [!] I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 7:01 am


Hello! My name is _______! Welcome to an Elite Police Force Training!

Before we start, I am going to start off with rules while I am training you.

One. Please do not talk, whisper or move without my permission.

Two. Please do not AFK (Away From Keyboard) at all while I am training you.

Three. Address anyone watching as Maam or Sir.

Four. Do not dance or use ANY effects in the classroom.

Five. Leave the questions to the end.

Is this Understood?

Let us start with Basic Commands.

They are Fill The Front, Fill The Middle, Fill The Desk, Fill The Entry and Fill The Back.

Fill the Front.

Please come to the front row.

This is Fill The Front in this training room.

In base, this is the computers, desks and seats at the front of base.

This is where you will ALWAYS work until you are a member above standard.

You use the Ask, Direction and Correct way of things and Badge Uniform and Motto here.

You are not allowed to AFK here.

Fill The Middle.

Please go to the second row. This is Fill The Middle in the training room.

It is located at the bottom left of base where all the seats are in place.

Please sit here when you want to AFK and when you are waiting to go Fill The Front.

Fill the Desk.

Please go to the third row. This is Fill The Desk in the training room.

Fill The Desk is located in front of Fill The Middle or on the left side of base.

This is the two desks with seats in front of them.

You go here to ask questions related to The Elite Police Force.

Please note that members that are higher than standard can work here only.

Standard are you.

Fill the Entry.

Please move to the watching seats to the right of your computer screen.

This is Fill The Entry in the training room.

This is located on the top right of base.

Also, this is where you let in the Elite Police Force Members.

You will learn how to use and work at Fill The Entry when you are a member above standard.

FTB = Fill the Back.

Please go to the back row. This is FTB.

This is located on the right of base.

This is where the new recruits wait to be trained.

The members above standard can get into FTB to watch the trainer train the recruits.

The trainer members and higher can only train the recruits and also has access to FTB.

Is the basic commands understood?


Now For the High Commands.

There are four High commands. At Ease, Front & Centre, Stand Fast and Back To Base.

At Ease.

All you do is going back to what you were doing before.

Front and Centre.

This is where you stand in front of the calling officer.

You turn to the calling officer, wave and then you say yes Sir or Maam?

For example, the calling officer is where I am standing right now,

And I am in Fill The Desk,

The calling officer says _____ Front & Centre!

I go up to the calling officer, turn to him or her, wave and say Yes maam or Sir!

Understood recruits?

Stand Fast.

This is where you stand one space in front of where you are. And you wave.

For example.



Back to Base.

Back To Base is when you are asked to go Back To Base right away.

Is the High Commands understood?


I have something that will also help you when Recruiting at Fill The Front:

Badge, Uniform and Motto and Ask, Direction, Correct.

Badge, Uniform And Motto.

When you are working on Fill The Front or Fill The Entry,

ALWAYS make sure that the habbos have there Badge, Uniform and Motto right.

Ask. Direction. Correct. You use this style of thinking on Fill The Front.

You are thinking at Fill The Front - What am I meant to say? What do I do?

This is where Ask, Direction and Correct comes in!

I will show ways of using Ask, Direction and Correct when you:

ASK the Habbo if they would like a job = Hello! Do you want a job Maam (or) Sir?

Show the DIRECTION to the Badge, Uniform and Motto. =

If you do this, you will get Badge, Uniform and Motto!

CORRECT them if they have something wrong in any of there Badge, Uniform and Motto. =

Sir (or) Maam you have your [Motto] wrong.

Is this all Understood?

Now before we start the test I will go through the Rules in the Elite Police Force:

One. Never abuse Staff!

Two. NEVER Ask for Pay!

Three. NEVER Ask for a Promotion!

Four. NEVER Ask for Room Rights!

Five. NEVER Sell Promotions for coins!

Six. NEVER dance or use effects inside ANY Elite Police Force Rooms!

Next is, NEVER be like other staff in a wrong way.

Eight. Do not be caught standing in Base unless Senior Manager plus tells you to stand.

Second last, Do not annoy Executive Members or Founders for issues - you should seek an Owner.

And lucky last, Be polite and behave at all times.

Do you agree to stand by the set rules at all times?

Well done!

Now for a test. Please go to the following places in this training room:

Fill The Front.

Fill The Desk.

Fill The Entry.

Fill The Middle.


Well done!

Now, Recruits Stand Fast!

Good work!

Now, ____ Front and Centre. *Do this to every Recruit*


Now, can you all whisper me?

Great! *If not go outside the training room and come back in again*


I will just refresh this room. I will not be long! *If they do not no how to do it all, show them*

Now, what command tells you to go to base right away?

Good work!

What are two things can help when Recruiting at Fill The Front?


Now, tell me three Elite Police Force Rules?

Well done!

Time for a promotion! Please change your motto to [Elite Police Force] Trainee [__]

Do this motto through:

Home Page > Account Settings > Motto. Please set your motto so the Elite Police Force part is short.

Like in my motto! See?

Well done! You can now got Back To Base now! Good Luck!

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[!] An Alternative Training Script For Safety Chat [!]
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