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 [!] How To Supervise [!]

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[!] How To Supervise [!] Empty
PostSubject: [!] How To Supervise [!]   [!] How To Supervise [!] I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2012 7:01 am

Hello Training Supervisors! I am xXm0LLiXx your Assistant Head of Training Supervisors and I write this thread to tell you how to supervise a trial trainer!

Supervising isn’t just watching the trainers’ training. Supervising is about giving them results on their overall achievement when training. To do this, click here to go to the Supervisors Review Thread and complete your results of a trial trainer here.

Most of you know how to supervise, but since being the AHoTS, I thought that it would be best to give you some information on how to supervise.

Before I start, I just want to say the things inside the [*] are optional. This is what I do for maximum results:

Firstly, *copy and paste the format into a Word Document*. (If you have not got the software for this, just copy and paste it into the post box). The reason why you post it in a word document is because it shows if you have made a spelling or punctuation error.

Name of (Trial) Trainer, Current Rank, Who Supervised:

Now, the first part is simple. All you have to do is state the trial trainer’s name, their rank and then say who is supervising. (Or if a Trial Trainer Student, put a watching list in there too).

When you are watching the trial trainer make sure they teach/do the following things. These are also the list of the Strong Points I want you to have in the results.

Strong Points.

- Checking for an available training room.
- Explain the ground rules for the training session
- Explained the Basic Commands and gave the locations in the training room.
- Explained the Advanced Commands and gave examples for F&C, SF and AE.
- Explained ADC and B/U/M.
- Explained all 10 rules of the EPF.
- Told the Recruits to sign up at HabboEPF.net
- Did the test correctly.
- Correct punctuation and spelling always.
- Spoke in bold.
- Had a good pace while teaching the Recruit(s).
- Gave the link to The Recruits Map of HQ.

I would like you to have all these in your strong points list, (if necessary that is). You do not have to have the exact words as what I have put above. If you can have it on the same lines as that, that would be great!

Weak Points.

Now, it comes to the Weak Points. If there is anything not competent in the Strong Points list above, please put it in the Weak Points. You can word it however you like so go ahead!

Comments from recruits being trained.

If you can, please try and get the recruits comments. This gives the trial trainer encouragement. So please try to get those in.

Other points you want to make.

Now, for the other points you want to make. Now, usually these “other points” are pointing more towards tips. For example:

“When you teach F&C and SF, teach them the shortcut to waving. If you don’t know yourself, you put this in your text box: o/
And you automatically wave!”

So try to put some tips in, you will find that the trainers will find it handy.

Verdict (Pass or fail).

Now, here comes the climax. Is it a PASS or a FAIL? If there is more than 5 weak points fail them. This is the only way to fail them, unless they were being very rude through training.

Suggestions for the (Trial) trainer to improve:

Now, the last question to answer that you need to answer is suggestions for the trial trainer to improve. Now, if they have Weak Points, you need to talk about them and tell them what they did wrong. Explain how to do it correctly. After all this, tell them how good they were or give them some encouragement! This will lift their spirits!

Now, before I finish up, I want to mention this. Please do not hesitate to supervise higher ranks than you! Hey, they might have some weak points, but at least they know what to improve on! No use of an EO of Training to have weak points!

*If you want to make it stand out put some colour into it! If you do not know how to do this, just highlight the passage you would like to colour, then press “color” then the pick the colour you want to use. Please note what you highlighted will disappear when you click “color” but its ok, just keep going it will still colour your passage anyway. This is the same process for making the text bold, thin, wide etc.

This is how to supervise! Well done for reading all these 775 words! I will be checking the Supervising thread daily and checking the wonderful reviews you have made! Good luck supervisors!

Assistant Head of Training Supervisors.

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[!] How To Supervise [!]
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