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 [!] Trainer Ranks. [!]

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[!] Trainer Ranks. [!] Empty
PostSubject: [!] Trainer Ranks. [!]   [!] Trainer Ranks. [!] I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 7:04 am

[!] Official Trainer Ranks [!]

These ranks are the Training Ranks. Please tell me if some of them are wrong.


Trial Trainer Student. (Cannot train without a Supervisor and needs to undergo an Instructing lesson before being promoted to Graduate).

Trial Trainer Graduate. (Cannot train without a Supervisor).

Junior Novice Trainer. (Can start training without a Supervisor and can have a Promotion Tag).

Novice Trainer.

Senior Novice Trainer.

Junior Established Trainer.

Established Trainer.

Senior Established Trainer.

Junior Experienced Trainer.

Experienced Trainer.

Senior Experienced Trainer.


Trial Trainer Supervisor. (Cannot be promoted only if she/he has done one review that has been marked).

Junior Training Supervisor 3c.

Training Supervisor 3c.

Senior Training Supervisor 3c.

Junior Training Supervisor 2c.

Training Supervisor 2c.

Senior Training Supervisor 2c.

Junior Training Supervisor 1c.

Training Supervisor 1c.

Senior Training Supervisor 1c.

Trial Trainer Instructor.

Junior Trainer Instructor.

Trainer Instructor.

Senior Trainer Instructor.

Training Director.

Training Inspector.

Training Manager.

Training Superior.


Trial Trainer High Rank. (1-3 persons) - DonBlaze12 and Leon@Elite123.

Executive Officer of Training - Lil-Suitcase.

Chief Executive Officer of Training - ILoveYouDrea.

Trainer Council Members. (3-5 people) - -=Charizard=-, iPhysco, LJKewlGuy24 and 2 more.

Assistant Head of Training Supervisors L@uGh0uTl0uD.

Head of Training Supervisors - xXm0LLiXx.

Assistant Head of Training Instructors - MasterJagStar2.

Head of Training Instructors - Snowynight.

Assistant Head of Trainer Council - x.moonlight.x

Head of Trainer Council - Franco845.

Assistant Head of Training - HyperJamesFan.

Head of Training - Jt42068.

Assistant Elite Head of Training - Shinee213.

Elite Head of Training - Ravineman.

By xXm0LLiXx.
Head of Training Supervisors.
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[!] Trainer Ranks. [!]
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