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 Rules, Regulations, and Role Play - Echo Patrol

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Rules, Regulations, and Role Play - Echo Patrol Empty
PostSubject: Rules, Regulations, and Role Play - Echo Patrol   Rules, Regulations, and Role Play - Echo Patrol I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 12:13 am


1.) While in EPF HQ, follow all HQ rules.
2.) Follow instructions given by ECHO Leaders. (When the orders are acceptable, if not, do not follow them)
3.) Wear the official ECHO badge when necessary.
4.) Follow the standard aforementioned roleplaying rules.
5.) Do not abuse any given powers.
6.) Live by the three core Echo Patrol values.

ECHO -> How We Roll

ECHO is a special organization, we do not raid with extended lines of slashes, we raid with rp, also known as roleplay.

RolePlay is defined, by me, as the use of words to express actions of a given person, object, or thing.
In habbo, there is a commonground set of roleplaying rules listed below:

1.) 3+ Words per line

-ramming my m9 out with ease-
-taking aim at the person then-
-ramming my finger to the trigger-
-pressing the trigger fully-
-the bullets ripping through the air-
-they impacting the person nicely-
-him falling with dramatic ease-
-as he bleeds out-

2.) 8 Lines to kill, 5 to KO [Knock Out]

3.) One Action Per Line.

-ramming out my m9-
-moving it to the man there-
-as I ram my finger to the trigger-
-as I squeeze it hard-
-as bullets rip out with ease-

When arresting individuals, it depends on THEM to cooperate and play the game fairly, if they don't, its their fault, ditch 'em and don't get too emotional about it. When roleplaying arrest, walk to the avatar, either behind or in front, make sure to pin him/her down, move him/her so that their belly is down, move his/her hands behind his/her back, and lock cuffs against their wrists.
Have them add you or search ThunderwolfX and walk into the jail, then you're good to go.

Sometimes while working in the field, you will be injured, however, every squad is designated a specific medic, who's job is to commence medevac (medical extraction) and perform emergency treatments to the wounded. ALSO, we have a fully operational and staffed MEDICAL CLINIC, be sure to search ThunderwolfX and take a look at the EPF Medical Clinic.
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Rules, Regulations, and Role Play - Echo Patrol
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