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 Tags and Badges - Echo Patrol

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PostSubject: Tags and Badges - Echo Patrol   Tags and Badges - Echo Patrol I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 12:14 am


One of the many perks of being apart of ECHO is the use of identification tags. Being apart of ECHO does not replace your rank, nor does it interfere with any departments you are in, but we need a way of identifying all of our leaders and caste ranks, right?

So we use Tags. Tags are letters/numbers/symbols at the end of the motto which symbolize position, honor, etc... In ECHO, they will be used for identification, so here's how to incorporate tags into your motto:

TAGS will be positioned at the end of the motto, for example:

[EPF] Minty's Assistant [MNT] [EPCO]
Blue - Organization tag
Red - Rank
Yellow - Promotion Tag
Green - ECHO Patrol Tag

The ECHO Patrol tags are as follows: (Listed from lowest to highest rank)

ECHO Squad Members: [ECHO]
ECHO Squad Designated Medics: [ESDM]
ECHO Fire Team Leaders: [EFTL]
ECHO Squad Leaders: [ESL]
ECHO ExOps Member: [ExOM]
ECHO ExOps Squad Designated Medic: [ExMed]
ECHO ExOps Fire Team Leader: [ExFTL]
ECHO ExOps Squad Leader: [[ExSL]] (Can promote up to ExOps Members)
ECHO Overseer 3c/2c/1c: [[EO1/2/3]] (According to number position)
ECHO Distinguished Honor Guard [[EDHG]] (Can promote up to ExOps Fire Team Leader)
ECHO Liaisons:
(All are the same as far as rankings)
- Medical [[EML]]
- Trainer [[ETL]]
- Detective [[EDL]]
- Law [[ELL]]
- Forensics [[EFL]]
ECHO Executive Liaison [[EEL]]
ECHO Sub-Leader [[[ESL]]] (Can promote up to ExOps Squad leader)
ECHO Commanding Officer [[[ECO]]] -> Isolated Command Rank <-
The above rank has central authority over ECHO Patrol, and IF the Commander is not of the rank of HR, this is the highest said Commander can progress. Has the authority to promote up to Chief of Supervisors.

ECHO Supervisor [[[ES]]]
ECHO Chief of Supervisors [[[ECoS]]]

Plenty, right?

In ECHO, the leaders are chosen by their ability, not by their rank in EPF (Unless in the more extreme situations as discussed above).


The official ECHO group Badge is available for all members to join at:
ECHO Patrol Group

The official group badge is expected to be worn by all ECHO personell during meetings, raids, and operations (with the exception of undercover operations). It is an official substitute that will enable all users wearing it to enter HQ, but is not mandated at that time.

ECHO ExOps, be advised as you will most likely be wearing a different badge, check up soon for more details.
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Tags and Badges - Echo Patrol
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