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 Extreme Misconduct of a High Rank.

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Extreme Misconduct of a High Rank. Empty
PostSubject: Extreme Misconduct of a High Rank.   Extreme Misconduct of a High Rank. I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 03, 2011 9:41 pm

NOTICE: This issue has now been resolved. I have spoken to Liz and found a solution, however I will leave it up for record's sake.


Ok, so I have a rather large problem here concerning extreme misconduct by a high rank.

On 04/3/2011, at about 00:20 hours GMT (could be a bit later/earlier), I was in the VIP area engaging in casual conversation with the other people in VIP. Then, I made a joke to !?Scrublife!? about his rank, Head Of Recruits, calling it Noob King. However, I wish to emphasise that I was in no way serious about this in any way, shape or form. I merely meant this as a casual joke, NOT as a taunt or dispespect. It seems he did not see it this way, and he told me I was fired. I thought he was joking, perhaps as payback for the joke I made on him, but when he kicked me I immediately began to feel uneasy about how it was taken.

So, I went back into the room and into the VIP area again. He told me I was fired, and so I was sure he meant it when he kicked me again.

So I apoligised profusely, and he said in a taunting manner "you know what? ill take you back... as a janitor"

It seemed he was serious, and I was wondering what do to as I knew that surely I didn't deserve to be demoted just because of a joke I made which I intended to be harmless. However, I knew he could NOT fire me already, but I was unsure about demote. I checked this forum and saw that he also could NOT demote either as BOTH demotion/termination are powers only Mike processed, and seem to usually be initiated ONLY after a trial in the court. So I decided the best thing to do was probably just ignore these requests and carry on normally.

He kicked me again, and I finally told him that with all due respect he did not have the power to fire/demote in his posession. But all he said to this was "ok, KoS instead then..."

Now, I am not sure who is allowed to KoS, but I was pretty sure that he did not have good reason to put me on it reguardless.

But he kept on kicking me reguardless.

I believe that this has all been an extreme overreaction to something that I intended to be harmless, and I am also aware that high ranks such as himself firing/demoting someone by themselves without consulting Mike for a trial (he didn't even initiate a trial, he just said I was demoted on the spot and told me to make my motto: [EPF] Janitor [insert his tag here]) can face severe consequences (directly quoted as "suspension or worse"). So, all in all, although I may have made a mistake in the joke I made (once again a joke that I intended as a laugh, nothing more.), I think this was an astonishing overreaction that was beyond belief, and that has caused me alot of grief especially in having to write this long report. AND not to mention the extreme rule-breaking involved in this overreaction.


EDIT: As it says at the beginning of this post, this issue has now been resolved and I am leaving this up merely for the records. However, if he offends again by kicking me then I shall take a screenshot and put it up for all to see... But untill then, the issue is over.


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Extreme Misconduct of a High Rank.
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