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 Lisa-Loves-Tom - Just clarifying something (READ ME)

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Lisa-Loves-Tom - Just clarifying something (READ ME) Empty
PostSubject: Lisa-Loves-Tom - Just clarifying something (READ ME)   Lisa-Loves-Tom - Just clarifying something (READ ME) I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 1:11 am

Ok Guys! For some of you who may not know I'm Lisa-Loves-Tom (:
And there have been a few rumors going around HQ lately about my job.
I'm gonna make this very clear to all of you (:
1. Joel owed me this job because I done something for him
2. Me and him finally got online at the same time
3. He gave me the rank and then lagged off :l (Couldn't give me the badge in time)
4. I did NOT self promote!
5. Me and Joel were finally on yesterday at the same time, and I was in his room, and what do ya know, he lagged off, and then I did :l

If that doesn't clear that up for you then I don't know what will.
You can either believe me ;D Or not believe me (I Think There is a 'I Hate Lisa' badge somewhere out there to, for you to join.)

Anyways there has also been some new rumors spring up as of yesterday, regarding my position there.
Now may I remind you all, Thunderwolfx Habbo gave me this job, and that rightfully entitles HIM and only HIM to terminate my position.

Apparently there was a meeting, in which it was decided that I would be fired for making other members of the EPF get banned.
1. It was :..Reacher..: I got banned
2. I had every right to do it! I felt like I was being bullied and harassed by him, 'I' was following Habbo Hotel's guidelines!
3. It was a ONE day ban, not hurting anyone, and hopefully teaching him a lesson!

Ok that ones been cleared up now ^__^

Now, I do NOT want second hand information, either you were there in that meeting and was one of the people who decided I would be fired or don't listen to this part Razz
However if you were there I would like to be told to my face about what happened, and the reasons why. So if thats you please inbox me (:

Ok, I have done more then my fair share for the EPF, And you may not believe that because I have been there for only 8 short months, but I know the truth behind that Wink

Urgh, sorry this is such a long post Razz If you have any inquires about that inbox me - Happy to answer anything (:

I WILL however continue to post on this forum and use this forum, and post up scripts and ect. I have permission from the founder of this forum Mollie Habbo for that to happen, so no rumors about that please, I did not pay her or anything like that, she is my friend and knows I am a valuable part of the EPF Trainers (:

Ok sorry it was so long, thanks for reading this, remember inbox me anytime you want (:

Sincerely Lisa-Loves-Tom (Lisa Dyer Macdonald on Facey)
Trial Top Management (Yes I'm saying it till it is 'official')
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Lisa-Loves-Tom - Just clarifying something (READ ME)
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