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 Medical Application

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PostSubject: Medical Application   Medical Application I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 6:11 am

Since we have this brand new forum for the EPF I though I would post a application for EPF Medical Division. So if your are interested then please read on...........

1. You need to be higher than the rank 'Patrol Officer' If you don't know where that is then please look below.

1. Recruit
2. Trainee
3. Cadet
4. Officer 3c
5. Officer 2c
6. Officer 1c

7. Patrol Officer
8. Captain
8. Elite Officer 3c (Can wear medal on uniform from here)
9. Elite Officer 2c
10. Elite Officer 1c
11. Elite Leader
12. Elite Squad Leader (Controls squads of patrols)

SWAT Division
Trainer Division
Detective Division
Forensic Division
Law Division
Security Division
Jail Division
High ranks

The one's in red cant apply the one's in green can.

2. You must be willing to leave your old position [e.g SWAT]

If both of those have a yes too then read on!

3. Please make sure you have the correct uniform be looking at the following link:https://2img.net/h/i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z476/bryan2296/Habbo/DressCodes.jpg
4. Then change your motto to [EPF] - Medic [AIDZ]
5. Then please apply for the EPF Medical Badge at: www.habbo/groups/EPFMEDICAL

Before you apply please make sure you have your motto and uniform ready then me and Zozyrox203 know you are willing to join the Division.
When your badge has been accepted you will be trained [as soon as possible]. Once you have been you can then officaly work at the Elite Police Force Clinic [Hospital] To go to the clinic search ThunderwolfX and click on Elite Police Force - Clinic.

Thank you,
Aidz234 - Asst. Head of Medical
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Medical Application
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